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Roller Doors under Siege, Part 2. – Ready to Rebuild

  Just like the motion of roller doors, like an iron curtain, what goes up – must come down. Tensions rose to their tipping points before gradually returning back to gravity, and normality, this past week in SA. But we see factions all over the world that riot and protest all the time – each…

industrial doors in Johannesburg

Servicing Residential and Industrial Doors in Johannesburg this Winter

Africa is synonymous with being hot. But don’t be fooled by the name. South Africa gets a cold and dry annual winter season that can leave Industrial and industrial doors in Johannesburg in peril if they are not serviced regularly. And the last thing you want is to get stuck on a freezing evening with…

Industrial Doors Materials Volume 1. Metal, the Iron Curtain!

Industrial Doors Materials Volume 1. Metal, the Iron Curtain!

We all know Metal! The hard one. Wood’s big brother looking after him. Your business premises are most likely your #happyplace and one you would want to protect when normal trading hours aren’t at play or can’t resume normally. We have expanded on the right type of industrial doors to protect your premises and assets…