Hangar Doors- The Runway Model of Industrial Doors

by | 29-03-2021

When it comes to choosing roller shutter doors, there are many applications that lay their claim to different bragging rights, be it the best, or classiest, solution available on the market. However, in terms of sheer scale and efficiency, hangar doors trump all others, while making an impressive design statement for owners of aircraft and ships. The sky is literally the limit when it comes to constructing hangar doors that accommodate your commercial interests. In this aviation-themed Blog, we explore the unique characteristics and considerations of this roller shutter doors application.

What to consider when ordering Hangar Doors

Aircraft and ships are costly, not only to purchase, but also to maintain, so naturally, the necessity for aircraft owners to keep them safe when they are not up in the air, is high. Safety measures entail storing aeroplanes/ships in a hangar that ensures that craft can be safely parked and protected from both environmental and man-made threats. Factors to take into consideration when constructing or upgrading your space is the installation of hangar doors that are;

  • Made of quality and durable materials
  • Easy to operate.
  • Affordable
  • Environmentally friendly.

Protecting your precious Fleet from the Elements

Hangar doors are usually made from corrosion-free materials such as aluminium or fabric. The raw materials used in the manufacturing process also ensure that installed doors are durable and protect customer’s high net value assets from the unpredictable environment outside. Of particular importance to Millenium Roller Doors, is the assurance to clients that the materials used in installations have a high degree of heat resistance. Particularly, the components of an aircraft or ship will be protected from temperature fluctuations while the fleet is stored inside the hangar.

How do you protect your vehicles from the Drunken Sailor?

Pardon the maritime pun, but unauthorized access and/or tampering to aircraft or ships remains a key concern for owners. To ensure that clients security requirements are met, hangar doors are regularly fitted with anti-burglary fabrics. Additionally, the doors are usually translucent to prevent unauthorized personnel from spying inside, while the hangar is closed. This strategy is aimed at controlling planned theft since the visibility of assets and activity within the hangar will be minimized.


Elevate to Full, Automated Control of your Hangar Doors

With a runway beauty of this size and scale, the ability to fully automate separate bays of the hangar is crucial to owners, allowing each door to be controlled independently. The doors can be operated electronically using the installed access points that are either automated or controlled by personnel. Hangar doors are also designed in a manner that it has minimum parts that are moving. This ensures that the doors can be opened and closed without much effort. In terms of security, this ensures that any intruders with grand notions of stealing aircraft, ships, or some of its key components, can be shut out at the front door!

Millenium Roller Doors

For over 20 years, Millenium Roller Doors has been involved in the supply and installation of high-quality hangar doors for clients across South and Southern Africa. We take pride in partnering with our clients in the project management phase of hangar installations and are on-hand to advise you on the best solutions to meet your unique size and security requirements. Call us today or contact our team to enquire more about the market-leading solutions which can supply for your aviation or maritime fleet.