Servicing Residential and Industrial Doors in Johannesburg this Winter

by | 11-06-2021

Africa is synonymous with being hot. But don’t be fooled by the name. South Africa gets a cold and dry annual winter season that can leave Industrial and industrial doors in Johannesburg in peril if they are not serviced regularly. And the last thing you want is to get stuck on a freezing evening with your “sukkeling” roller door. A working door does not mean it can be left to its own devices. It’s a common oversight to wait for a door to malfunction before giving it some love. Remember that you want to avoid an accident at all costs when your children, staff and/or vehicles are involved.

Automated objects-of-weight and mechanisms that support them thus carry a heavy (mind the pun) responsibility and we are eager to share essential tips now before we cosy up for the chilly season behind an insulated Roller Door.


Industrial Doors in Johannesburg should enforce Storage Security

Besides our cars, roller doors protect many assets that come in the shape of tools or surplus storage items if we do not run a business from behind them. That is why a garage can commonly be a target of opportunistic theft, once a sneaky observant identifies the door as having malfunctioned. This also applies to the rule of thumb of remotes needing to be checked and not left lying around in Jozi. It’s an automated layer of security to keep yourself moving (and aid in the fact that you don’t get stuck outside, in the cold) with access control.

A good off-the-subject tip here is to enter areas by means of remote access so that your garage and gate remain separate buffer zones so that only one vehicle can enter each area at a time.


Don’t Cry Later

Many wait or forget to do something until a malfunction occurs, which then requires urgent assistance that can a.) Not be available immediately or b.) Be very pricey to repair, if not replaced completely. Neglect can catch up to you in the long run, so don’t delay. Grime, dirt, sleet, snow and ice all play a factor in keeping your Industrial or residential and industrial doors in Johannesburg running efficiently.


Carry out a Winter Inspection of your Industrial Doors

When checking your industrial doors and mechanisms yourself, or instructing your maintenance staff to do it – keep an eye out for the following things:

  • Faulty/Worn Spring issues (last approx. 10K cycles)
  • Secured Safety Cables
  • A Clean & Running Motor (do not tamper)
  • Groove & Slots
  • Access Sensors (do not tamper with)
  • Clean Roller Panels
  • No Warping / Hail Damage (or light bumper dents – damn handbrake!)
  • Worn Insulation Strips

Clean Unobstructed Grooves and Slots


Diagnostics and Maintenance

The best way to identify a problem when investigating an issue or doing a test is to disconnect the motor from the lifting mechanism by means of the pre-installed switch that comes in many forms. By manually lifting the door and holding it in place mid-way in its lift, the roll should be relatively smooth and the counterweight should hold it in place when letting go of the door. Falling doors can indicate that the springs are worn. Clean your panels and keep the build-up of cobwebs away from them.

Beyond That – We Don’t Expect You to Do Everything Yourself

Unless you know exactly what you are doing, and the problem turns out to be more than replacing a dead remote battery – don’t go tinkering with things you don’t understand as this too raises safety concerns, both for you and your environment. A pro is on standby and ready to assist.


Millenium Roller Doors – Your Local Experts

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