Industrial Roller Doors – Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Doors in Tip-Top Shape.

by | 04-02-2021

The best doors for an industrial environment are those that can withstand harsh weather conditions, are sturdy enough to offer maximum security, and boast excellent insulation, all at a high-cost efficiency level. These characteristics best describe the benefits that the industrial roller doors by Millenium Roller Doors SA offer. However, proper maintenance of the roller doors is paramount as they can get damaged and fail to function properly if your investment is not carefully looked after. So, how do you take care of current roller doors? Below are a few useful tips you can start applying.

Regular Cleaning of the door

The buildup of debris on the roller door can make it run slow, block it from closing, or make jerky movements. Use a stiff-bristled brush to clear the tracks, then apply clean water, sponge, and mild soap to remove grime, and a dry cloth to remove all moisture. Regular cleaning of the industrial doors clears airborne industrial contaminants like fog, salt, or mist that cause corrosion on the doors. In terms of drafting a specific cleaning schedule, a severe marine environment will require cleaning every 14 days, a moderate environment every 2-3 months, and every 6 months for a mild environment.

Curtain and Guides cleaning

The roller curtain, guide rails, and bearings require regular lubrication to prevent rusting and stiffness, for the smooth running of the rolling mechanism of the industrial roller doors. When the door operates with ease, it reduces the chances and need for constant replacement of the door parts and enhances your safety. Degreasing is recommended every 90 days.


Regular Operation

Rolling doors that are used to protect a warehouse but not regularly opened or closed run the risk of getting stuck and failing to open. To prevent this from happening, the roller industrial doors should be opened and closed regularly to maintain their functionality.

Check Safety Features and Balance

Have the balance of the roller door and its ability to stop at any point without closing checked once a month by a professional. If roller doors happen to be out of balance, the possibility of collapsing and causing work-related accidents are very high. Additionally, when an obstacle is placed in the industrial roller door’s path, the photocell and mechanical mechanisms should be able to detect this and reverse back up. If the door’s safety features and balance fails, it is time to call a technician or even acquire a new door.

Ongoing Roller Doors Servicing

The roller door should be serviced every 6 months both for predictive maintenance and to prolong its life. A technician checks for any loosened hardware like bolts and brackets and tightens them, replacing any damaged parts. Any weaknesses in the roller shutters can put your workers’ health and safety at risk, not to mention ongoing productivity.


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