Industrial Roller Doors versus Sectional Doors – Understanding the Differences

by | 27-10-2020

Industrial roller doors, as the name suggests, is a door consisting of many individual aluminium or steel slats, which is operated by rolling the slats upwards and downwards around a barrel. They can be operated manually, with the assistance of a spring, or can be automated with the help of an electric motor. Commonly found in industrial and commercial properties, they provide ample security, protect against the elements, and provide customised access for your machinery and stock. A common misconception we often encounter at Milennium Roller Doors is the assumption that industrial roller doors and sectional doors are the same. This Blog article sets out to distinguish between the two roller doors products, and allow you to make an informed decision when investing in your next roller doors solution. 

The Secret is in the Sliding Mechanism

Whereas both industrial roller doors and sectional doors appear almost identical on paper, or on a webpage, the key differentiator between the two lies in the sliding mechanism of how each door operates. A roller shutter door will elevate and roll up into a barrel-shaped coil directly above the ground. Sectional Doors, on the other hand, will initially move vertically before sliding inwards. The easiest way to distinguish between the two is to remember that industrial roller shutter doors will always rise up and down vertically.

Industrial Roller Doors – Little Space is sacrificed

When choosing the best application between roller doors and sectional doors, often it will come down to personal preference. However, when planning which door to incorporate into your design, always keep in mind the issue of space. When installing sectional doors, internal space will need to be factored in, particularly the area needed to install overhead tracks when the door slides inwards. For a more in-depth review of both door types, The Garage Door centre in the UK does a great cross-comparison of the pros and cons of each application. At MRD we manufacture roller doors while supplying and installing sectional doors and often recommend that, if any future spatial issues may arise, industrial roller doors are your best option to go with.

To Automate or Not to Automate?

Mark our words, a high-quality, automated sectional or roller door will present a serious challenge to any thief who tries their luck breaking into your premises. The outright benefit of installing an electric motor over its manual counterpart is the wide variety of access controls that an electric door offers. In terms of security, a roller or sectional door can often come undone by a basic lock system that can be easily tampered with. Through automation, you can eliminate the obvious points of entry to provide better levels of protection to your assets.

Millennium Roller Doors – the best of both

At MRD South Africa, we have specialised in sectional and industrial doors since 2000. We understand the advatages and limitations of both door types and can ensure you that, whichever door you choose, that you can be assured of premium materials, expert workmanship and a serious security upgrade to your residence or premises. Talk to our team today to explore which door best meets your ongoing needs.