Modern Garage Design – Combining Aesthetic with Secure Solutions

by | 02-09-2020

The objective of garage doors was traditionally confined to the storage of automobiles and domestic tools and appliances. However, contemporary homeowners are increasingly looking to a modern garage design that is incorporated into the overall design of their homes. Whether as a detached building, or attached to the residence itself, a modern garage is no longer just a parking bay, and space for the lawnmower and garden tools – it represents a functional, multi-purpose space for both work and play, with elegant finishes that enhance both the appearance, security, and value of your property or commercial premises. This Blog article summarises the range of modern garage design ideas you can blend into your space, using a variety of material options.

Aluminium Garage Doors

Choosing full aluminium as your garage door material of choice is not only aesthetically pleasing but also reinforces your home with a strong and secure perimeter solution to prevent unauthorised intrusion. Its lightweight nature guarantees minimal maintenance while the application of a powder-coated finish (in any colour of your choice) helps to protect your modern garage design from the rust and corrosion that South Africa’s seasonal extremes subject our homes to. Not to mention, the lighter material of aluminium doors make it easier to manually lift open your garage door, should the dreaded load shedding knock out your electric motor. 


Glass and Aluminium Doors – the Modern Garage Design Dream Pairing

When searching a picture-perfect garage door straight out of a Top Billing feature, it is difficult to look further than a glass and aluminium sectional door combination to set your house apart from the neighbours. Commonly known as the “full view aluminium garage door”. It is the contrast of the industrial appearance of aluminium paired with stylish glass panels which exude elegance on the outside, while also offering a much greater natural light transfer into your home and garage space. For full visibility, you can choose clear glass panels. If, however, you prefer more privacy, Millennium Roller Doors recommends the installation of glazed or tinted glass panels for a more discrete appearance.


Wooden Garage Doors – Not going out of fashion anytime soon!

While aluminium frames, fitted with glass panels commands the lions share of modern garage design installations, contemporary wooden sectional doors are still a timeless and attractive option to spruce up your home exterior. They do require more regular maintenance against the elements, yet wood offers solid security and charming, natural beauty that feels right at home, both in older and contemporary homes alike. 


Consult your local Modern Garage Design Specialists

At Milennium Roller Doors SA, we have been manufacturing roller doors to suit traditional, contemporary and industrial settings since 2000. When the time comes to spruce up your exterior, we look forward to advising you on the ideal candidate for replacing your existing doors. Whether you seek a “wow factor”, or rely on the security and concealment of solid doors, MRD SA can assist you in choosing the perfect candidate. Contact our Sales team today to request a tailored quotation for your next roller doors project.