Roller Doors – Opening up on the Trends for 2021

by | 11-01-2021

As roller doors, installations continue to benefit from the DIY boom that has emerged as a result of the national lockdown, we take a look at some of the trends that are beginning to emerge in 2021. From interchangeable components to specialised doors for specific commercial uses, the industry is beginning to see interesting purchase patterns emerge that are set to elevate the benchmark for intuitive roller doors designs for this coming year. In our last Blog, we discussed how a modern garage design investment makes for one of the wisest home alterations you can carry out to increase the value of your home. We are confident that the pick of this year’s trends will also add intrinsic value to your commercial property while giving your business a refreshing, new look. Read a little further, as Milennium Roller Doors outlines its 2021 predictions, set to shake up the market. 

Solid Doors are still a solid external bet

Solid-steel roller doors will always remain an attractive option, based on the reliability and security that these particular garage doors offer. Particularly appealing to factories, shopfronts, warehouses, commercial properties and exposed shopfronts, the natural strength and durability of solid doors ensure maximum protection from both the natural elements and potential intrusion to your property. As the various degrees of lockdown result in more people working from home and less on-site presence, solid steel roller doors will give you the peace of mind that your property is well-guarded when you’re away. 

The Continued Popularity of Perforated Doors

As a roller doors solution that serves both function and aesthetics, perforated doors have always stood out from the crowd. While traditionally favoured by retail stores for allowing maximum store visibility outside of opening hours behind a secure screen, perforated doors have once again reinvented their versatility in 2021. UK Company, Action Shutters highlights the growing trend in perforated doors in British stores as a natural ventilation method, allowing businesses to keep a flow of air going, throughout their business. Good ventilation plays no small part in reducing the possibility of COVID-19 airborne transmission. We suspect 2021 could see a proliferation of the perforated!

Other Specialised Roller Doors Trends 

Two particular trends that we are increasingly starting to see a rise in the popularity of, are sectional aluminium doors and fire doors. Commercial doors featuring extruded customized aluminium sections make for a bold design statement, while its flexibility of use allows these types of doors to blend seamlessly into retail showrooms of all types. Fire doors, on the other hand, have become an additional, vital security measure as more and more companies work remotely. In the unlikely event of a fire at your property, fire doors can withstand the effect or flames and rising temperatures for a limited time in which emergency services can be dispatched. 

Interested in Roller Doors this Year?

If you are in the market to invest or upgrade your industrial doors this year, then look no further than Milennium Roller Doors. We sell, install, service and repair a wide variety of roller shutter doors, as well as a host of specialised commercial and residential doors, across South Africa. Contact our team today to request a customised quote for your trendsetting door upgrade.