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by | 06-10-2020

Ask any roller shutter doors manufacturers out there, and they will confirm what we already know. We operate in a highly competitive industry, with an equal balance of registered businesses and sole operators vying for your hard-earned DIY dollars. To the untrained eye, it can be difficult to distinguish between the real McCoy and an imported imitation. At Millennium Roller Doors, we view each enquiry and subsequent purchase of our roller doors products as just the start of a lifelong relationship between the manufacturer and our client. In this Blog, we explore the essence of what roller doors suppliers should offer to clients, to deliver on expectations, drive referrals and grow a thriving business. It all boils down to one word, Quality.

Roller Shutter Doors Manufacturers should ‘Think Different’

One of the most iconic brand slogans of our time, penned by the late Steve Jobs, the former CEO and Co-Founder of Apple Computers. Jobs believed that those who think, feel and behave differently can’t fit comfortably into the square corporate box and are a welcome challenge to the status quo. Within the cluttered world of roller shutter doors manufacturers, the same principle applies. Those who merely follow the current trend, or focus on providing cheaper substitutes to market-leading products will eventually be found wanting. To adapt to the changing demands of the roller doors industry, Millennium Roller Doors operates a two-way interaction of; listening and providing. We strive to remain at the forefront of the industry, listening to our customers’ needs and matching them with quality and durable solutions. In thinking differently and putting the customer first, we can anticipate how design trends evolve and adjust our solutions, in order to redefine the benchmark in commercial and industrial roller doors in South Africa.

Crafting a Material Difference in what you offer

Warren Buffet, possibly the greatest investor of our times, once said, “If the lowest price is what you paid, then why are you surprised with the lowest value”. And we are certainly inclined to agree.

The difference between basic roller doors and great roller doors lies not in the finish, the shape or size of your product. The real (and sustainable) benefits can be found in the quality of the materials that have been sourced, fabricated and integrated into your roller doors investment. Anything less, is a shortcut to save on money. It cannot be disputed that the previous features do add aesthetic, quality and value to your overall project. The intrinsic value of your roller doors investment can often be found in the manufacturer lifetime warranty promised to clients. When comparing quotes from various roller shutter doors manufacturers for your next project, an extended warranty is a key indicator that only the best materials were sourced in building your next door. 

Millennium Roller Doors

At MRD, we not only manufacture and supply quality residential and industrial doors, but we also invest significant time and expertise into providing ongoing value to our customers. When we are not installing our products, you will find us innovating through new concepts, new ideas, and investing to reach a higher quality where it is needed in the ever-changing market. Visit our Residential or Industrial Doors product pages, to explore the quality and aesthetic difference we can offer you, for your next roller doors project or renovation. Contact us Today