#UnrestSA – Roller Doors, and Shutter Doors under Siege

by | 19-07-2021

It’s been a testing week, dominated by havoc and uncertainty, to say the very least. With looting, intrusion and mass destruction of property, many businesses have suffered an immense loss. Roller Doors may be the least of your worries, but there is a clean-up to complete as South Africans stand ready at the brink of a new dawn to rebuild the nation, as-of immediately. Factions that make a spiteful point often lead to multitudes of opportunists jumping in whilst hoping to go unnoticed in the growing masses of chaos, only to add further insult to injury. Sadly, this happens – and the aftermath of what our country has seen – is a devastation that leaves for the rest of us to clean up after, whilst restoring law and order and navigate future threats.


This is What We Do (But Only To Avoid)

It’s a job and love to us what others could see as a tedious chore. To rebuild, fortify and enforce. To protect is a passion of ours. But it is important to state that we install the one thing we hope you’ll never have to rely on. Almost like an alarm system. Just a bit different.

You Are Not Alone

roller doorsWe, at Millennium Roller Doors, have been servicing residential and commercial premises for over 21 years of experience, which inevitably means that some of our existing clients have been caught up by this disaster. Being in the roller doors industry also means that we have been through these kinds of situations before.

It’s a terrible Rodeo where, unfortunately, people really can and do get hurt. But it’s not our first, which makes us the best team in town to assist you right now to secure your premises and get your operations back on their feet again. 

We are all in crisis mode, with all-hands-on-deck to assist with reliable advice. We also stand ready to offer a FREE consultation to all of our clients during this challenging period. Even if you just need to vent – our team is committed and can provide you with useful support and expert advice to help you mitigate these and future circumstances.  We have an expertise and experience level that matters.  

Millenium Roller Doors – Guiding you Back to Normality

We want our clients and partners to know that we carry your most sincere sympathies with regard to any loss of life, property, or assets that your enterprise might have encountered during the recent unrest in KZN and Gauteng. For premium Industrial doors, Residential Doors and their subsequent servicing – keep safe and please don’t hesitate to reach out to the MRD sales & support team if you don’t hear from us first. Call 011 472 0373 or visit www.mrdsa.co.za. We stand ready to assist and repair.