Which Industrial Doors? Matchmaking for your Business

by | 28-10-2020

When choosing the right type of industrial doors to protect your premises and assets, there is a wealth of designs, sizes and material types to choose from. Whether you require multiple loading bay access for daily inventory, or you own a retail store that benefits from maximum visual exposure outside of opening hours, naturally your door requirements will vary. From roller doors requirements to maintenance and hygiene tips, our regular Blog series sets out to educate and inform our customers about how to make the best investment that serves their residential or industrial needs. Continue reading as we handpick the dream industrial doors match to your area of business.


Solid Industrial Doors – Maximum Protection (and much More!)

As the name suggests, solid doors lie at the heavier and denser spectrum of what Milennium Roller Doors offers to clients. However, with weight and density comes a range of benefits which clients can enjoy. Solid doors offer maximum security and durability, ensuring that your premises are protected by a strong and reliable entry. What you may be interested to also hear, is that solid doors also offer great noise-cancelling capabilities, while helping to insulate your exterior and keep your temperatures. Solid industrial doors make a wise investment into your company’s energy cost savings and are particularly appealing to factories, shopfronts and commercial property entrances. 

Perforated Doors for Maximum Visibility and Ventilation

If your premises is located indoors and you are looking for a cost-effective barrier against potential intruders or burglars, you shouldn’t look much further than perforated doors, which have become common sight within shopping malls, gyms, pharmacies and more commonly, car park entrances. These industrial doors consist of a series of perforated slats, and much like what ClearVu Invisible Wall have achieved with their commercial security fencing across SA, it creates a see-through effect which offers maximum visibility for your brand while also helping with ventilation on those hot, stuffy summer evenings. Of course, if you demand weatherproof industrial doors, perforated is out of the question. But for retail stores and public spaces looking to showcase their interior, even when the tills close, a perforated door is an ideal and strong option. 

High-Speed Doors – Keep your Traffic flowing Optimally

We don’t even need to explain the main advantage of these types of industrial doors, as the name gives it away already! However, speed is not the only benefit you can expect from this door application. Designed for intensive use, high-speed doors are essential to keeping your inventory moving at optimum levels at loading bays and storage areas. Having a backlog of machinery waiting on a slow roller door for access can have an adverse effect on overall productivity and ultimately. High speed doors ensure a smooth and efficient flow of traffic in demanding industries and have become the application of choice for cold storage areas, loading bays. Factories, to name a few. At MRD we supply and install high-speed doors that offer either fabric or transparent sheet option.

If you are still undecided on which type of industrial doors can solve your current business challenges, don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team today for advice, recommendations and custom quotes by giving us a call at 011 472 0373. We operate nationwide!