sectional doors

Don’t get confused by either the terms Overhead Doors or Sectional Doors. These doors vary slightly from conventional Roller Doors because, in this specific application, the doors are made up of interconnected panels connected to the main motor track. This means that panels retract together to fit and lie in parallel, below the ceiling, instead of rolling up into a big ball of metal when opened.

From space-saving DIY hacks to environmental benefits, sectional doors have become an increasingly popular roller doors solution, both for industrial and residential applications. And that is exactly what our articles series are all about – exploring the trends, highlighting the advantages of, and educating you on the challenges and pitfalls of your chosen doors. In this Blog, we outline our top reasons why you should look overhead for your next doors installation.

Purchasing Overhead Doors Means Saving Space

By retracting your entrance upright, there’s no need to stand back, unsure of which direction your entrance is going to retract. Reducing the risk of accident with movement that happens within your direct eye line makes it easier to anticipate and be seen. As opposed to coming from the side or suddenly at your guests and thus seen too late to react. Are you old enough to remember, “The Only Way is Up (Baby)”, by Yazz? It certainly spoke to us, a good decade before we formed Millenium Roller Doors in 2000.

Sectional Doors are stronger Than Your Standard

With so many additional connection points to the motor track, the system is more secure than a conventional door. Fewer connection points can increase the chances of derailment occurring from an incidental impact. MRD Sectional doors also reduce the probability that someone can gain entry as well.

Panels can also be repaired or customized independently,  lowering costs should a golf ball come travelling over the fence and through a sectional glass door, for example.


The undisputed champion of motivators for why people choose to purchase sectional doors. Allowing for an aesthetic touch that the conventional cannot compete with. Tailored to your bespoke needs, this designer touch allows for a symmetrical space comforting to the eye and accommodative of any brand’s colours you apply to it in order to hook your patrons, visually.

Insulation = Cost Saving + Comfortability

Differing in weather-resistant qualities and ranging from light to very strong – insulating your doors to comfortability levels you require for your household, staff or customers will reduce your energy consumption in trying to maintain it without.

Protecting against noise is also a unique selling point in buffering those peak periods of the day that are dominated by heavy traffic or other noisy surroundings.

Millenium Roller Doors – Sectional or Straight?

Formed, as you can guess, in 2000, Millenium Roller Doors are industry leaders in the manufacture, supply and installation of roller shutter doors. If you’ve fallen “head over” for overhead sectional doors, we can source your premium solution in a choice of wooden, steel, or glass and aluminium application.

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