D5 Evo Gate Motor (Full Kit) R6,499.00 Incl. VAT

MRD 600kg / 220V Motor

MRD’s Industrial and Commercial Door Motor has been designed to safely automate extremely heavy roller-shutter doors such as entrances to factories and loading bays.

This model is equipped with a heavy-duty electric motor that, coupled with a powerful gearbox, delivers maximum lifting force.

In addition, a convenient manual override facility comprising a 2m continuous override chain in case of a power outage.


R3,999.00 Incl. VAT


Robust construction
This proven transmission type, coupled with an AC motor that packs plenty of clouts, makes for an industrial roller-shutter operator that makes quick work of even the heaviest of shutters.

Fail-safe manual operation

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, the motor is committed to keeping you in business with a 2m continuous override hand chain.

Easy to commission
This motor is exceptionally easy to set up, and commissioning can be done in mere minutes thanks to a user-friendly system.

Weight16 kg
1 x Motor with 2m continues override chain
1 x Motor bracket, 10B sprocket and chain
1 x 8mm keyway, bolt and nuts
1 x Push button control with lockable box and 2 x keys
1 x Receiver and 2 x keyring remotes
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