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Industrial Door Materials Volume 3. Aluminium Glass Doors – The Transparent Touch

We want to show off the Love for our labours and crafts. And many commercial properties rely on a curbside appeal to actively market their products or services. Aluminium glass doors not only turn heads on the retail sidewalk but are also perfectly in sync with upmarket home constructions or renovations. In fact, all kinds of environments and facilities, ranging from factories to warehouses and public service stations, need a see-through barrier that is built to last, protect, and adhere to all safety compliances with minimal to no maintenance required. We don’t just call it window shopping for nothing. And what’s the point of selling a Ferrari if a new owner can’t see (or drive it) off the showroom floor? The final instalment of our Industrial Door Materials Blog series takes a peek through aluminium glass doors and why every upmarket development should strongly consider these materials to truly stand out.

A Modern Contemporary Finish for Optimal Exposure

Reinforced by means of standard or heavy-duty aluminium framings, Glass inserts are the answer that lights up the room quite literally. Providing optimal daytime vision and exposure in a visually appealing solution that can cater to most design aesthetics in a standard or bespoke way. Primarily modern and contemporary, the option to go “frameless” is also one to consider, which speaks to many of the sleeker current architectural trends.

What you See is (not essentially) what you get (on the inside)

The choice to purposefully “mist” sectional aluminium and glass doors is also a great way to ensure privacy between interior departments that need it. Meeting and consultation rooms or office cubicles all serve as great examples for implementation. Even temporal ones, by means of sliding glass doors.

In other environments like residential properties or protected company security entrances, a highly reflective and sheened coating on the exterior of your sectional doors is another way of ensuring that eyes that belong out, stay there – whilst keeping an eye on who is watching from the interior.

Aluminium Glass Doors – More Heavy Duty than Meets the Eye.

Just because it is made from glass, that certainly does not make it an easy (or soft) break – not by a long shot!  Covered with laminated coatings that prevent shatter – these sheaths provide for a dense, extra layer of security for when an intruder decides to square up to it. And if that’s not tough enough to keep out the riff-raff, clients can also take advantage of a specialized glass insert option that can be manufactured to be up to a couple of millimetres in thickness.

We could go on, and mention the glass that keeps the dolphins, sharks, and whales on the inside of the aquarium tank, but Millenium Roller Doors cannot take the credit for this feat of engineering. On that interesting topic, you might be keen to know that these tanks are not actually made from glass, but a substance called “polymethylmethacrylate”, as explained in this Science Focus article.  Good luck getting through that pane, by the way!

Additional Aluminium Glass Doors Finish Options

Customizing or brand matching your glass doors is all about the finishing touches. Don’t forget that your aluminium extruded panels can be powder-coated, anodized or painted in terms of veneers and finishes for your framings. All of which guard against corrosion. The best part about this specific door upgrade is that the maintenance required is quite minimal. Glass is not a fragile thing when it comes to sectional doors – Glass is the hardware of quality that endures pretty much everything.

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