fenestra door

Fenestra Door

The Fenestra Door is formed from galvanised steel slats with rectangular punched vents, offering a high level of security and attractive appeal to showrooms and shop fronts. Also available with polyvision inserts.

Creates a see-thru effect and excellent ventilation

Polycarp plastic inserts are available as an option to prevent any ventilation, but still gives a clear view for maximum see-thru look

Manufactured to fit daylight opening

Aluminium t-bar with rubber insert

Professional installation and minimal maintenance

Reliable and strong

Roll formed from 75mm galvanize steel slats consisting of 0.8mm or 1mm thick, and punched with a rectangular hole

Standard hot dip galvanised

Powder coated

Push up operation

Chain operation

Crank/Gearbox operation with manual gearbox and handle

Electrical operation with a wide variety of access controls

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