Hangar Doors

Hangar Doors: Lifting the Curtain on Large Scale Industrial Doors

Ultra-wide spaces, inventory items, fleets and entrances are likely the types of assets you’ll want to be secured and protected to the highest possible level. This is why our Big Brother of doors is Industrial Hangar Doors, manufactured from Curtain and Aluminium frames. Supplied to aircraft hangars, shipyards, mining, military and film studio lots around the country. And in some of the toughest environments. 

What is Curtain? 

Curtain is an extra-durable and extremely versatile folding-fabric solution for very large openings. This unique door construction withstands extreme winds and works very well in shielding you from both arctic air and scorching heatwaves. Our hIndustrial Hangar Doors: Lifting the Curtain on 2022angar doors, made from a PVC curtain, can also reduce energy consumption as we can tailor them to your exact operational requirements. The fabric also protects against burglary whilst insulating sound and thermals from the facility. 

Salt, sand, dust and mould stand no chance against this corrosive-resistant material. It can operate to fold open and shut very quickly with an electrical operation that includes a range of access control options to choose from. Provide the opportunity to operate each mullion at your discretion. It truly is the most versatile material available in the roller shutter doors market and is available for your next industrial doors project.

Why PVC in Hangar Doors design? 

PVC is tough, very lightweight, has great mechanical strength and is also resistant to abrasion. Due to these polymers’ very high levels of chlorine, it is virtually fire and shock-resistant. Thus wildly popular in constructive, plumbing and other industrial applications. Many styles enjoy the nature of PVC as it can easily be cut, welded, shaped and joined. It is also non-porous which proves to be most effective against Mother Nature not growing on anything whatsoever over time.

Safety First 

With so many safety factors at play when it comes to hangar applications, this solution enjoys maximum protocol. Ensuring that absolutely everything related to your product and installation abides in terms of legislation. This applies to the balancing of your motors, the speeds at which they can operate and the limits set to your new switches, locks and load arrestors, 

Customise with Colour 

The institution that we will be securing will be more than able to customise the tones of Industrial Hangar Doors. To fit the brand at play, neutral and more animated finishes are available to the client to choose from, should further customisation be required.

Millennium Roller Doors – Safeguarding Sizeable Hangar Doors

For premium Industrial and Residential Roller Doors and their installation, including specialised products such as hangar doors – there’s no entrance too small or big to fortify efficiently. Call MRD for sales or support at 011 472 0373 or visit www.mrdsa.co.za to view our complete range of premium roller shutters doors solution available to the South African market.