Millenium Roller Doors SA Article

High Speed Doors – Quick Access to a Host of Commercial Benefits

Happy New Year clients and friends. Doesn’t it feel like this month has dragged on about three weeks too long, already? Speaking of the need for speed, we are dedicating this entire article to High-Speed Doors, which are becoming an increasingly popular roller shutter door choice among South African businesses. In a number of our previous Blogs, we shone a light on the benefits of high-speed doors – but owing to the fact that these roller doors solutions work unbelievably well in specialized applications, this high-performance gateway deserves a standalone feature of its own.

Taking Productivity to the Next Level

If you work in the food processing, pharmaceutical, or transit facility industries, you know exactly how important it is to keep your vehicles and stock moving, 24/7. Time is money (and customer satisfaction) and any delays on the production floor can have a detrimental impact on your productivity. The last thing your business needs is a broken spring door holding up the entire production belt! High-Speed doors, designed without any traditional springs, and with many access controls to select from, ensure that productivity can flow at full-pace, even in the most demanding of situations. Where time is money (and waits for nobody!) a high-speed roller shutter door maintains fast access to the most important areas of your building.

High Speed Doors ramp up the Savings on your Running Costs

With an entry and exit door that operates in the blink of any eye, this creates a number of surprising cost benefits, in comparison to a standard steel roller door. The installation of high-speed doors helps to maintain a balanced temperature inside your premises, easing the pressure on your electricity bills as you battle with optimum climate control. The quick operation also helps to keep your employees and visiting contractors safe, with a guarantee of reduced collisions and a lower risk of door-related injuries.

Good for the Environment, Good for your Business

As outlined in a recent article by leading American doors and access control company R&S Erection of Concord, high-speed doors boast unparalleled environmental containment. The addition of special side guides to tightly integrate the curtain ensure that these door applications offer a low permeability value. At Milennium Roller Doors, we find that this feature solves the challenge of low air permeability in pressurized rooms that experience both positive and negative air pressure. Added to the hidden talents of this fast-moving roller shutter door, is its ability to minimise the amount of dust that enters your premises. By maintaining a cleaner space, accidents and contamination are reduced, while everything that is processed inside is likely to be of a higher quality and presentation.

High Speed Doors from Milennium Roller Doors

From cold-rooms, to pharmaceutical and beverage manufacturing floors, Millenium Roller Doors supply and install high-speed doors, perfectly customised to meet your stylistic, structural, and access control requirements. To discover even more advantages of what these doors can offer, to create fast, safe and clean access, to and from the areas of your building, click on the link for an obligation-free quote.