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Industrial Doors – Factors to Consider When Requesting a Quote

As we hope you have gathered from the checklist provided in our previous industrial roller doors article, quoting on Industrial Doors is never a one-size-fits-all process. All kinds of unique factors and considerations apply to your quotation, which is why we want to highlight and expand on this with extra information regarding variable price-related inclusions. In this article, we outline, not only the obvious but also some interesting variables that come into play, when tailoring your quote and providing a specific price for your next roller doors purchase.

Number of Doors and Variable Materials Required

The aesthetic of your building and the securing thereof might require that more than one door is installed. You may also be considering variable materials for each entrance and exit that would probably have to match for continuity. We have a wide array of roller doors to cater for each that come with their own advances in compliance, safety and overall refinement. This is demonstrated in our Fenestra doors, for example, that can be with PolyVision inserts and end clips. Providing a sheen and glare for said refinement but doubling in function to also partially obscure the view for late-night peepers.

Area Size/s

This is where we need to measure out the specifications to effectively guarantee that we don’t show up at a TV studio’s warehouse facility with a door that will only fit a walk-in pie store. Various entries may inevitably require various rollers doors sizes. No area is too small or big to fortify! Each deserves a secure environment.

Motorized vs Mechanical

Much like the quantify and surface area factors, structural investigations will also need to happen in order to make sure that the length and width of your new doors are accommodated by either a motorized or mechanical automation system. The MRD will always advise clients by best-practice on a system that can handle its load. With high-speed doors systems on offer as well, we import our own motors that run to each desired output based on the to-be-installed requirement identified.

Specific Industrial Doors Features

Our locking devices showcase some impressive features across the spectrum of doors we can lockdown you with. When aeroplane hangar or shipyards come into play, we rely on the imports of specialized doors that come with a variant named Curtain. It consists of non-corrosive materials such as fabric and Aluminum. Each with options that can block against cold, heat, sound and impact.

Millenium Roller Doors – Your Local Industrial Doors Experts

At Millenium Roller Doors, we strive to find a balance between premium material and competitive pricing. We may not be the cheapest roller shutter doors manufacturers in town, and make no apologies for it. Our mission is to manufacture, or source, the highest quality industrial doors and materials to ensure that every customer receives a premium product that stands the test of time. At the same time, we are never shy to price match or beat a written quotation, so long as product quality is never compromised!

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