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Roller Doors – Rebuilding South Africa from the Outside In

It’s been exactly a month since the attacks, not just on roller doors, but on the soul of our country. At the time of writing, much still remains under construction and rebuild, and will continue to do so, for a while.  But the response has been overwhelming and the support after the looting has been truly humbling to witness. Kindness taking the new cool to new lengths. Social Media posts going out calling for stolen property to be returned, while the defence forces infiltrated areas of suspicion along with the police. Reclaiming goods everywhere. Members of the community too, telling on the ones they saw. Because no one trains with a TV under their arm. That’s a fact. And no one is willing to stand for it.

We are roller shutter doors specialists, so we are not here to get socio-political. We are here to rather tie up our camels as the wise-man says. So within the times of this rebuild, this is where we hope you’ll find a valuable source of information regarding the immediate reinforcement of your enterprise. As to which roller doors are the best to consider, and to answer our most frequently asked questions – these would be our go-to recommendations for locking up. Gridlocking your assets.

Solid Door (MRD-S)

Solid Industrial Doors represent the strongest roller doors solution available on the market. They require minimal maintenance and can be customised in accordance with your Company Identity and crafted to specification. All installation is done by the professional and clients can choose between a 0.6 – 1.2 mm range of hot-dip & galvanized powder-coated slats. These depend on the size of the shop front or backlot.

Perforated Door (MRD-P)

Ventilation and clear vision is a key buying factor for clients when it comes to Perforated Industrial Doors.  All installation is carried out by a professional and clients can choose between a 0.8 – 1.2 mm range of hot-dip & galvanized powder-coated slats. These form a roll, 75mm in length, that has been punched with 2.5mm diameter holes.

Fenestra Door (MRD-F)

The advantage of a Fenestra Industrial Door is that the ventilation can be cut from the equation completely. This is done, on-option, with Polycarp plastic inserts that retain the impressive see-through look. All installation is done by a professional and clients can choose between a 0.8 or 1mm option of hot-dip and galvanized powder-coated slats. These form a roll of 75mm in length that has been punched with a rectangular hole.

Fast Automation

All of our doors come with a variety of automation methods to choose from. Ranging from electronic to hand-cranked, or push-up/chain operation. These providing a wide variety of access controls that cater to your specific operational requirements.

Millennium Roller Doors – Your Local Experts

This article brings to a close, the end of a 3-part Blog series outlining how #UnrestSA has subjected roller doors to a siege of attack, while also championing the positivity and optimism on how our beautiful country can rebuild following the unrest, both structurally and holistically. Millennium Roller Doors is on-hand to partner with you, in securing your roller doors, while also opening them again for your employees and customers For affordable Industrial and Residential Roller Doors and their servicing – keep safe and reach out to the MRD Sales and support team. call 011 472 0373 or visit We stand ready to assist, repair and rebuild your business interests.