gate motor problems

There is an old Afrikaans saying that goes: “Goedkoop koop is duur koop.” We at Millenium Roller Doors know it very well when troubleshooting your gate motor problems to determine its condition. Enlightening customers that thought they had scored a bargain off a fong kong gate motor that inevitably left them stuck in a rut. Burnt out from insufficient power in comparison to the size of the gate, or from moving into a property and inheriting a creaking calamity from the previous owners.


Keeping a regular eye over your gate motor is not rocket science but it does involve frequent inspection and checks – just like you would your roller doors motors. This is why we aim to keep you updated. Whichever situation applies – the critical thing is, knowing that your gate motor is in tip-top shape to protect you and your assets at all times.  


Troubleshooting Gate Motor IssuesDuring Loadshedding

With national power cuts interrupting us at frequent intervals, the strain on your gate motor should not be too noticeable visible when it switches to battery in lower stages (stage one or two) of Loadshedding. However, not having enough time to recharge properly in-between stages will result in significantly slower performance speed, as opposed to when the electricity is on again. 

Constant power interruptions can affect your motor in the long run, and because the vast majority of us are susceptible to it so often in our current energy crisis, we really implore you to know the status of its condition. Troubleshoot any potential gate motor problems regularly. Essentially, testing the motor itself plus any proximity beams in the mornings after an outage for example.


Troubleshooting Your Gate Motor in General

The following, is a list of issues which may indicate that your gate motor is not operating at its optimum capacity.

  • No Battery Backup
  • Corroded / Deteriorated Casing
  • Insufficient / Missing Anti-Theft & Anti-Lift Brackets
  • Multiple Repairs = Time to Replace
  • Availability of Spare Parts 
  • Regular Malfunctions
  • Items Blocking the Gate
  • Extreme Cold Weather
  • Dead Remote Batteries
  • Stop Features not Working.
  • Slow Speeds

Speed is the key to keeping your Motor in Tip-Top Shape

The key benefit of automated gates is the security advantage. Getting IN and OUT in the LEAST amount of time that is not threatening to you, your family, friends or clientele. Thus limiting the time in which there is access to your property to an absolute minimum while keeping your gate motor operating consistently at that pace. 

Ideally, the gate should open quickly, and close in enough time to allow a single car (in control of the gate entry) to pass through at a time so that another vehicle cannot tailgate anyone in.


Troubleshoot any Gate Motor Problems in Advance

As stated, many gate motors are inherited from previous owners of a property. So you want to make that circle of inspection bigger when visiting your new property before putting down an offer to purchase. Troubleshoot your gate motor too with the checklist above and not just scoping the general condition of the property itself. Should the current gate motor not meet your security requirements, this should either be rectified by the current owners or deducted from the purchase price.


Millenium Roller Doors – Welcoming You with a New Look

At MRD, we now proudly stock the finest Centurion D5 EVO gate motors and anti-theft brackets. Our website has just been given a fresh update with an online shop where you can learn more and purchase gate motors, smart motors and brackets at the click of a button. Of course, you can also view and enquire about our commercial, industrial and residential doors solutions that we proudly supply across South Africa.

Go have a look  and enjoy the range of our services in the new display we are proud to unveil.  For all your questions and needs in troubleshooting your gate motor problems – remember to contact us by dialling 011 472 0373 today.


gate motor problems