Roller Shutter Doors

Roller Shutter Doors, within a commercial or industrial space, come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, setups and diameters. All provide various functionalities in a way that suits most enterprises but in systems that are very versatile. So, finding the right model for what you need is an important decision before making the investment. In this article, we highlight the common factors to look at when determining which type of roller shutter doors suits your particular business application. For added measure (pun intended!) we offer insights into ideal solutions that we recommend for specific types of workshops and industrial spaces.

Roll up, roll up – we’re here to find your dream door. Roll down and down (the page) this is where things get rather interesting.

Industrial Safety Hazards

Any form of workshop, hangar or loading area is potentially a dangerous space that requires strict adherence to each industry’s unique protocols, legislation and practices. So if you are in any emergency situation, the speed at which your doors operate, and the size that it covers is a thing of paramount importance to investigate.

This applies to situations such as fast evacuation, insulation and temperature, light, and/or air control when there is potential for fire or any other form of hazard. Also, consider the materials and chemicals that your enterprise is working with and look at which types of risks are involved. Both our High-Speed Doors and Fenestra Doors can simultaneously counteract a number of these hazards to create a safe working environment, both for staff and visitors.

The Workshop Recce for Ideal Application in Your Space

Consideration of your commercial or industrial operations within your workspace, the traffic of people, the volume of staff and vehicles are the main factors to be considered before determining and recommending our exact services to you before installation.

The “workshop” is an interesting space to unpack due to its very dynamic nature. In each space, particular attention is paid to how far the required entrance is from the front-facing or “round-back” angle, in terms of engaging with customers. This element also plays heavily into the overall aesthetic of your entrance. Sometimes providing peek-in opportunities to the public, should you wish. Making sectional doors a great option to consider.

Roller Shutter Doors to accommodate Vehicle Access & Frequency

The loading bay with trucks coming in all day at your local mass hardware store will differ greatly from the roller shutter doors used at the local computer store (only ever opened when big boxes of new stock come in by foot every now and then). Take into account that some doors stay open all day, only to be closed at night. This is where we take into consideration how the frequency of use will affect your motors, springs, grooves and slots over prolonged use. Naturally, an electric operated door will take precedent in a busy loading bay, whereas a non-commercial industrial space with limited deliveries can lean on a manually operated door. Our experts will advise on different variations of door strengths that can take the punch required. For more information and advice on different variables to consider, take a read of our industrial doors pricing factors guide.

The Elements

Either protecting or embracing them – insulation, and the ability to open keeps the airflow to what you require it as well as keeps any rain, sleet, snow, noise, criminals, creatures and goggas OUT! Roller Shutter Doors situated in coastal areas will also require a higher level of corrosion resistance than its urban, high-street counterpart. This is where the choice of an aluminium door may prove to be the material of choice over a lightweight option

Millenium Roller Doors – Your Security Solutions Partner

For whatever stands between your workshop or industrial space, and the outside world, the team at Millenium Roller Doors is here to assist and recommend the best roller shutter doors solution for your business.For premium doors and optimal applications, visit or contact us for specialised support at 011 472 0373.