securing your gate motor

In South Africa, a gate motor often controls the central access point to any property – residential or commercial. Something we generally take for granted and let run on autopilot until there is an issue that suddenly renders your property vulnerable to tresspassers. In our most recent article, we investigated the various gate motor problems to be on the lookout for. In this article, we extend the conversation to highlight the importance of securing your gate motor from theft. Because your gate motor guards far more than just the gate itself.


Guarding Your Gate Motor During Loadshedding

With load shedding, comes a criminal element that somehow leaves gate motors, batteries and gearboxes high on the list of thieves’ shopping list. The sound of the gate being lifted off its rail, the one we know all too well occurring over broad daylight within working hours or in the early hours of the morning when Eskom debilitates the use of them. Of course, having a strong and reliable gate motor such as the Centurion D5 evo gate motor which Millenium Roller Doors currently stocks, comes with strong battery life, to keep you powered up for between 8-10 hours or outages. In reality, though, you need a physical perimeter solution to secure your gate motor from the wrong hands!



With a high scrap value and growing, illicit market, batteries rank up there right next to copper cables and lead on the criminal “hotlist. So relying on more than your pup’s long ears is essential to securing your gate motor. Worry not – we’re about to let the dogs out on a tailor-made solution to your security concerns.


CENTURION D5 Bracket – Erect a Forcefield in Securing Your Gate Motor

As an additional security measure, MRD now proudly stocks the Centurion D5 Anti-Theft Bracket, compatible with one of South Africa’s most popular and trusted gate motor kits. These industry-leading security brackets hold your motor and any access panels securely in place given any circumstance. The anti-theft brackets come with a sturdy padlock which means no access without a key is guaranteed.


securing your gate motor


Additional Tips to Guarding Your Gate Motor

It’s like a bad game of Running Red Rovers when our national energy situation opens the gates to a flood of opportunists that come running. A game we have to play more often than we would like, but who says we can’t bring some tricks or props of our own to the game.

Consider the below precautions, to add extra security to your outer perimeter.

  • Electric fencing is always an advantage.
  • A flat piece of iron welded across your gate rack will stop anyone from lifting or bending it upwards.
  • Anti-Lift Brackets exist for these reasons as well.
  • A small sound bomb or siren from your local security store can make noise and/or send you a notification when triggered.

Remember, not all gate motor emergencies centre around theft, so proximity beams that come with CENTURION installations will provide you with essential emergency-stop functions securing your gate motor, family, friends, clients and vehicles from accidents. 


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