roller shutter motors

Heavier roller shutter doors in Industrial or Commercial spaces need heavier roller shutter motors to operate them. If you’ve found that your entry and exit points are buckling under the sheer weight, you’ve come to the right place. Millenium Roller Doors have expanded beyond the manufacturing and supply of doors by also adding garage door motors to our impressive portfolio. Ours come with a deadlift advantage because we manufacture it ourselves! 


We’ve known this game for a long time. Commercial and industrial roller doors in plus sizes need that plus-factor in guaranteeing the heightened torque, speed and frequency of use that your enterprise requires. This is in order to resemble the experience of what one would be used to with a standard door motor. 


Heavier shouldn’t mean excruciating speeds nor put your motor at risk. Obviously, the brunt to bear is more but we’re proud to say that we deliver something uniquely special to cater for it. 


roller shutter motors



Operating Heavier Roller Shutter Motors During Loadshedding 


With the national energy crisis bound to leave you in a situation where manual operation is required, or when an emergency entry/exit is required, the MRD 600KG / 220V DOOR MOTOR comes issued with a 2-meter continuous override chain. 



roller shutter motors



Heavier Door Motors Come With Heavier Features

By means of a 16kg, heavy-duty electric motor, in combination with a powerful gearbox, our Mr Olympia of roller shutter motors deliver maximum lifting force that even Arnie himself would be proud of.! It’s a robust construction that ensures safe automation of roller shutter doors used typically in loading bays and entrances of factories, workshops, hangars and theatres.


In a Range of Our Own 

At a price of R3,999,00 incl. VAT – we believe that we need to own and control the primary technologies behind the products that we make, and participate in markets where we can make a significant contribution. 


With over 22 years of experience and a growing national footprint, there is very little ground we have not covered yet. Especially when it comes to heavier door motors. We’ve seen every scenario comprehendible and thus apply that experience in our own factory where we are able to manufacture products of excellence that pack a punch. Quality is our middle name and our roller shutter doors are designed to deliver in fast turnaround times.


What’s included with the 600KG / 220V MOTOR Roller Shutter Motors? 


  • 1 x Motor with 2m Continues Override Chain 
  • 1 x Motor Bracket, 10B Sprocket and Chain 
  • 1 x 8mm Keyway, Bolt and Nuts 
  • 1 x Push Button Control with Lockable Box and 2 x Keys 
  • 1 x Receiver and 2 x Keyring Remotes 


roller shutter motors


Millenium Roller Doors – Welcoming You with a New Look 


Our website has just undergone a fresh update and includes a newly launched online shop where you can learn more and purchase gate motors, smart motors and brackets at the click of a button. Go have a look at and enjoy the range of our services in the new display we are proud to unveil. 

For all your questions and needs regarding roller shutter motors, doors, maintenance and repairs – remember to contact us by dialling 011 472 0373 today